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Hi! I'm Pasha 

Chief Executive Officer 


I'm driven, determined, and dedicated to making an impact with your vision. 

I have over 20 years of experience in reforming and transforming education and businesses.  I'm highly organized as an educator and facilitator with experience developing and implementing instructional programs.  

I am a graduate of Spelman College, where I conferred a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education.  I obtained my Master of Science in Special Education and Educational Specialist in Curriculum/Instruction & Management/Administration from Nova Southeastern University.   Also, I received a Doctoral of Education in Administration for Teaching and Learning from

 Walden University.  

I am a former national federal contractor, monitoring review lead, and trainer who worked with the Office of Administration of Children & Families (Office of Head Start-OHS), program director, state-certified educator, and state-approved trainer with the State of Georgia. 

 I'm an Office of Head Start subject matter expert in Program Design & Management, Early Head Start, Education, Coaching, and Human Resource Development.   I have expertise with family childcare, home, and center-based program options.

 I have experience in project management, administration, data analysis, technical assistance, training, and fiscal management.   My extensive background has prepared me to transform businesses, leadership, and teams to reach their goals. 

 Lyssa Laine's will coach your team to create data-driven results to cultivate you to the next level.  


We are committed and

 fully invested in delivering quality coaching that will make a positive impact to produce effective results.


Working with our team will cultivate your team to the next level.  You will engage in a personal learning experience that will provide feedback and support to meet your individual needs.


We will create an action plan to promote your business/program to the next dimension to sustain continuous growth and data-driven outcomes.  


We are passionate about providing quality services to produce outcomes.

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