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Lyssa L​aine's has your business needs​ in our hands.

Check out our events and get ready to take your business to a new level.  We help leaders and their teams make innovation happen. We design coaching approaches and organizational interventions ​that achieve maximum benefit and success.

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Level Up


Power Session

Time: 20 or 45  minutes

Start to build your individual or business blueprint today! 

 The 1-on-1 power session provides you with your business vision to plan a roadmap to support effective strategies for growth and development. You will receive high quality technical assistance to help you excel to the next level.  The 45 minute session will include an assessment as well as an additional 60 minutes to build your business blueprint. 

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Power Session   

20 min.


Now!! $249


+ 60 min  


Now!! $1,149

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Group Coaching 

 Level Up 

Group Power Sessions

Time: 60 minutes

Two 60 minute power group sessions provide interactive and engaging building opportunities for peer interaction and problem-solving. You will learn and understand how to develop shared goals and write action plans.   power group sessions. 

Please register for your session.

Group Coaching Sessions 


60 min. sessions 



Ongoing Subscription 

"Coaching at Work" Subscription

The "Coaching at Work" subscription will provide current best practices for coaching.  Provide coaches and coachees  to build capacity to understand  coaching through innovative tools and strategies.

Monthly Subscription 


  • We are taking virtual learning to the next level! 
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